After a Bachelor in Musicology at La Sorbonne, and a Composition for Screen Master at Montréal’s UQAM, Anna Cordonnier perfects her skills in the classes of Jean Michel Bernard (Composition), Olivier Calmel (Orchestration), Pierre Doursout and Luc Leroy (Digital Composition), at the Conservatoire du XII (Paris).

She trained in classical music at the Conservatoire (CRD) in Montreuil, where she obtained the Prix in piano in 2008 and practiced the cello.
She has broadened her musical horizons and diversified her technique with each new experience

According to the media she’s composing for (animated films, documentaries, adverts, short-films, performing arts), her pieces slide between genres : from Brazilian rhythms to 80s drones, or from trance synthesizers to Malian blues harmonies.
In this cultural openness, combined with a strong knowledge of harmony, Anna finds the keys to understanding the singularities of each commission, and makes every single composition a truly original creation.

She is currently working on a play by Josephine Chaffin, directed by Clément Carabédian (Midi nous le dira) for which she’ll perform her works live in Fall 2019.